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Children’s Oncology Help Center (COHC)

This is a rehabilitation and information facility dedicated to children with oncological illness and their families. “Home away from Home” 


It goes without saying that the onset of oncological illness brings about an immense emotional shock and drastic life changes for both the person directly affected by the illness and their family members. For a child who is battling cancer, there is no greater need than the ability to have their parents close by. Loving care and attention of the family members provide emotional support, sense of safety, security and hope. Research has proven that the physical presence of parents when the child is going throughtreatment may speed up the recovery process by 30 %. Therefore, it is crucial for families to stay together in fighting the illness.

Why is Center necessary?

 Such Centers are located near every city’s major hospitals all across the world. In the USA that center is called Ronald McDonald home. The purpose of these homes is to create an atmosphere where families can feel at home while being away from home. This is a place where families share compassion, understanding and hardship over their sick children. Such homes offer a free stay for families and their sick children. 

Every year, approximately 100 children, about 20-30 children with one of the parents are constantly bedridden and treated at the Center for Children of Santariskes. The treatments can last from half a year to up to two years. All this time, only one of the parents is allowed to stay in the hospital together with a sick child. Meanwhile, other family members live separately because there is no opportunity for them to be together. As a result, “Mother’s Union” launched a project to build a child-focused nursing and family center to help battle childhood illness. The aim is to help create safe, cozy and healthy environment for a sick child and the whole family. The Center encompasses individual family apartments, family home, information center and rehabilitation facility. 

Rehabilitation center


  • 6 rehabilitation rooms adopted for physical, spiritual, art, music and light therapies;

  • Sports and physical therapy halls

  • The swimming pool is equipped with the highest level of water treatment technology for the rehabilitation of the disabled.


  • Family Room

  • Industrial premises

  • Greenroom for herbal and vegetable harvesting

The Construction of the Center:


Chicago Mother’s Foundation united with Mother’s Union of Lithuania (2014)  and organized a successful charity event called “Kites of Hope.” We were able to receive an astonishing $65000 in donations to start the project. The whole amount was donated immediately, so the project could begin. Because of this donation, Mother’s Union was able to buy a plot of land located near  Vilnius town  ,  2.5 acre  land  ( Nr.:4117-0600-0597).


The interior/exterior of the center includes but is not limited to:


  • 10 mini apartments where families can care for themselves. Apartments are adopted to be family friendly. Equipped with small kitchens, washrooms, closets, and are handicap accessible. All apartments will have their own private terrace and separate exit. 

  • 2 out of 10 apartments will be fully equipped with palliative care wards

  • Information center

  • Shared living space, dining room and kitchen for general family needs;

  • Laundry room

  • Administrative offices

  • 2 playrooms adapted for different children’s age groups

What family center will offer?


  • Accommodation. Family placement in child’s treatment and in child related research. The goal is to develop and implement measures to enable the family to be an autonomous, responsible, stable, active and self – sufficient being capable of performing its functions independently.

  • Nutrition.  Nutritious daily meals for a sick child and the ability for the family to cook their own meals

  • Information Support. Information center will provide comprehensive information on the oncological disease, its course and treatment options 

  • Education. Every sick child will be able to participate in a variety of developmental classes that include different types of therapy (physical, psychological, mental, sand, art, music and light). The participation in such classes are expected to have a positive effect on a child and their recovery process

  • Palliative care.  a specialized care that will help provide relief of the symptoms and stress to the child and their families. The goal is to improve their quality of life.

  • Spiritual guidance.  Clerics and nuns will be available to assist families and children with spiritual guidance.

  • Psychological help. Meeting the psychological needs of a sick child and their family

  • Social services. It will enable the child and family to strengthen their abilities and opportunities to solve their social and domestic problems. To maintain social relations with the public and help overcome social isolation

  • Rehabilitation and Sport Center. Conditions will be created to regain physical and emotional strength in order to return safely and confidently to society. 

  • Recreation organization. There will be assigned play areas for children according to age groups: infants, toddler, teenagers. The library will provide opportunities for meaningful leisure time reading. 

THE COHC opening date is scheduled for 2018


Finances and Services for the project:


So far, the project is coming along according to plan. As of January 2018, COHC will be fully built with all windows in place. Variety of events is taking place, including “Family Home”, where funds are being raised for the interior of the center.

The total estimated value of the project is 2.5 million euros.


Main sponsors of the project: governmental support, private as well as corporate donations and Mother’s Union Foundation donations.

What is “Chicago Mother’s Foundation”?

Chicago Mothers Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization whose main mission is to help children battling cancer in the United States, Lithuania and abroad. Our goal is to assure that children with cancer achieve emotional safety and stability, as well as provide opportunities for them to get the much-needed assistance with medical equipment and services. We assist families in purchasing expensive medications and paying for the treatment costs. What is more, each year we surprise the children with Christmas gifts. Chicago Mothers Foundation also assists with hospital renovations to create safe and secure environment. Each year, we distribute much needed supplies and toys to multiple medical establishments.

Healthy smiling children - is a promise of a happy tomorrow.


What is “Mother’s Union“?

Established in 2008, “Mother’s Union” is a support and charity foundation that cares for every child in Lithuania who has an oncological illness. 

Mother’s Union collaborates with local hospitals, assists in improving microclimate of these institutions, buys the missing equipment, organizes and finances training

They provide financial assistance by buying non-compensated medicine, covers costs of non-reimbursable test, provide nursing care for sick children (buys wet napkins, diapers, wet wipes, oils,etc.)

Aids parents and children who are in the hospitals.


Why do we care?

We care about every single child who has oncological illness in Lithuania. We want to be part of something better and be able to create a place where every sick child would have what’s the best for them. We believe that everybody should help the weak and the sick and be part of something that truly matters and makes a tremendous difference in a sick child’s life.

If you wish to be part of this project, please make donation by one of the following:


By PayPal:

Paying with a Credit Card:

Kindly make out checks to „ Chicago Mothers Foundation„ 

14911 E 127TH st 

Lemont, IL 60439

For additional information please contact:

Edita Zasimauskaite  630-207-9816

Beata Ivanauskiene  847-668-1731

Edita Zasimauskaite

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