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What does it mean to volunteer


When you do good deeds, you get to meet a lot of interesting people, learn something new, you can compare it to a psychological therapy which helps you feel good spiritually, feel fulfillment, and it's important for every person to be integrated into society. we are very happy , probably no need to mention, every time we send stuff for children in Lithuania. Whether its pediatric cancer patients, children with diabetes or children living in orphanages. They are all equally dear to us. They are the children of Lithuania, they are our future. when you live abroad, you always think of ways to give back... to help your native people... children- is probably one of the most sensitive subjects... that is why the women from our Foundation decided to help children from Orphanage in Vilnius. it is home for children from birth to 7 year old. Some of them stay there shorter and some of them longer while waiting for their new families to adopt them ... and while they are waiting, they are surrounded by loving people... one of them is the head manager of the orphanage Viktorija Grezeniene. We are thankful for the love and care she gives to these poor children. We are happy to contribute by sending out children's clothes, shoes and toys for them, hoping this will brighten their everyday life. Chicago Mothers Foundation is so grateful to the local Chicago mothers, who helped us to collect children's clothes and new toys. Maternal instinct kicks in and doesn't leave anyone indifferent... next week 16 boxes will be sent out and on their way to Lithuania, Vilnius. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to those who helped us collect, sort out , pack, carry and drive those heavy boxes ... We hope more and more people will join our cause, after all it's a wonderful feeling to do good, to help others, especially those who desperately need help... little human beings, who are so lonely in this world, left by their own parents....

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