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The event "Mano batai buvo du"


August, 2015  "Chicago mothers' foundation" hosted an annual summer last fling event at Lithuanian world center in Lemont. This year it was held inside the Lithuanian world center, so that no rain could ruin the mood! First 50 mommies to arrive received a welcoming gift a package of organic tea a kind gift given by one of our foundations' supporters. The center stage of the event belonged to a group of mommies and teachers who with the help of their children put together this amazing and very entertaining performing arts show for our young audience, called "Mano batai buvo du" (I had a pair of shoes)... children and their mommies were entertained and everyone was saying how much they enjoyed the show. They were also able to enjoy dancing performances, do a lot of crafts, meet people from Lithuanian schools and after school activities organizers, such as dance, scouts organizations, etc. children shared and enjoyed snacks brought by the attending mommies, and each of them received a free cone of ice cream! The culmination of the event was a lottery with great, amazing gifts given by our foundation's friends, supporters and donors. the event was very successful and all the money that was raised went to renovate childrens endocrinology center in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Now we are looking forward to our annual Christmas celebration.


The event sponsors:

Baltic food distribution Inc., Karolis Kaminskas and HYSON 2U, Five Winds embroidery, Dr. David Allen and Wheaton Orthodontics

Dr. Kaz Zymantas, Fresh Farms International, Restaurant "Lamirge", "Goodwill Financial", Darius Pro (Show Center), AVS Prime Realty

Ruta Café and Restaurant, 3 Girls Party Decor, "DanceDuo Studio ", CLFL INC, MPEX INC, Maciulis-Bubezlute Family, VIS Exterior Corp

"Pictures by GG", Vilma's Cake, Ruta Photography, Lithuanian World Center

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