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Kites Of Hope


It goes without saying that the onset of oncological illness brings about an immense emotional shock and drastic life changes for both the person directly affected by the illness and their family members. For a child who is suffering from cancer, there is no greater need than the ability to have their parents close by. Loving care and attention of the family members provide emotional support, sense of safety, security and hope. Research has proven that the physical presence of parents when the child is going through treatment may speed up the recovery process by 30 %. Therefore, it is crucial for families to stay together in fighting the illness. Unfortunately, at present time, such establishment offering temporary housing for families who have children in treatment does not exist in Lithuania. Children from all over the country are being treated in Vilnius, capitol city. Some parents are able to stay with extended family members, less fortunate ones are forced to sleep in their cars. Keeping in mind that the average length of treatment is from 6 months to 2 years, these circumstances are unacceptable. What is more, palliative care services are not offered, leaving palliative care up to parents, who may not have the emotional, physical resources and proper knowledge to provide such care. 

So "Chicago Mothers foundation" decided to unite with “Mamu Unija” fund and help to make this project a reality and build a “HOME away from home ” in Lithuania. Many people joined to help, our foundation too and March 15 of 2014 we organized a charity event “Kite’s for Hope”. Evening was very successful, 500 people attended event. Also we had a guesses from Lithuania as the leaders of “Mamu Unija” Egle Malinauskiene and Ruta Mikelkeviciute. Evening hostess were Juozas Vilkas , Ruta Mikelkeviciute and Rasa Ibianskiene, events program producer Sandra Krumhorn Stasaitis. The Event took a place at World Lithuanian Center in Lemont, IL. That night we had amazing performances by singer Lily Galin, solo performance by Gabrielius Uzameckis on saxophone, pianist Elyte Reklaitis, ballet dancer Mante Baliutaviciute, singer Agne Giedraityte, violinist Ian Maksim, vocalist Aldegunda and guitarist Kestutis Stanciauskas. And finally evening was crowned by extraordinary performance created by Aidas Reklys ice skating school! We all have been blessed by Father Algis Baniulis from Jurgis Matulaitis mission. Evening guesses were welcomed by Lithuanian consulate from Chicago Marijus Gudynas. Also we have received a letter from senator of Illinois (he has a Lithuanian heritage) Richardas Durbin. Thru the night people donated almost 50.000$ , 4900$ was collected on web “You caring”, later fund of “Mama Unija” received 5000$ more. Total put us at almost 60.000$. A project in Lithuania approx. will cost 1.300.000$, but we are hoping that a money we collected will be a big part of help to ill Lithuaunian kids.

Sincerely, with the best regards and a  lot gratefulness to all the donors, volunteers and our guesses who attended this wonderful event “Kite’s for Hope



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