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Susitikimas su Beata Nicholson

Diabetes is a complex and difficult to manage disease. Especially for children, it may be difficult to understand the limitations and challenges as well as emotional turmoil that this disease and treatment process brings about. We strive to make the lives of children easier, while they are hospitalized and getting accustomed to dietary restrictions, new daily routine and medication regimen.

Emotional safety and clean, safe and secure surroundings are crucial to the process of making the children get better while they are away from their families, friends and daily life they are used to. We ask that you contribute to creating this by supporting our mission to renew hospital rooms at “Children’s Endocrinology Clinic” at Kaunas Clinics. It is a very unique hospital and the only establishment in Lithuania, welcoming diabetic children from all across the country. Due to the severe lack of funding, the facility has not been renovated for several decades and needs repairs desperately and urgently. "Chicago Mothers Foundation” and Lithuanian community in Chicago have come together to purchase new toys, linen, blankets and pillows for children, staying at the hospital. However, this is not enough and we believe that we can help even more. One of the renovations companies has committed to providing a discount for repainting the walls, while “Vyru” fund and students from Kaunas Art Gymnasium have agreed to assist in decorating them. Together we can make this come true and contribute to the healing process of children. Endocrinology Department has five rooms with multiple beds. We estimate that this project will be finished in 4 months and will cost $6000. Safe and clean environment should not be a luxury. We ask that you help by contributing to this project.


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