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Annual garage sale


Every year "Chicago Mothers Foundation" organizes an annual garage sale. We collect gently used items such as - clothes, shoes, jewelry, household items, furniture, toys, baby items. The collections begins couple months before the garage sale. Sorting, organizing, pricing takes a couple of days and involves all of the members of our foundations and some volunteers who donate their time to help us out. Usually one weekend is not enough to sell everything that we collect, so the annual garage sale goes on for couple weekends in order to raise the most money to donate. Everything we do not sell, we donate to organizations such as - Goodwill, Salvation Army, or we ship the items out to countries in need at the moment. 

Last year through our garage sale, "Chicago Mothers Foundation", raised money to help kids with cancer in Lithuania. The year before that we raised money to cover the cost of expensive medication for children. This year our annual garage sale goal is to raise as much money as we can to fund kids with critical illness.

We have the privilege to work with generous people and are very happy to see more and more kindhearted people joining in each year.  

Any help/donations that we receive from our volunteers is greatly appreciated and always welcome. We are very thankful to our amazingly generous volunteers for everything that they do to join us in creating a better tomorrow for kids and families in need!


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